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Dosimeter SFIORA classic
Parameters and characteristics .

SFIORA classic (vibro) is a domestic dosimeter,
designed to measure the radioactivity of the environment and objects.

The average background radioactivity should be in the range 10-30 mkRh/h (or 0,1-0,3 mkSv/h).

Main differences from previous version and analogs:

  • Open sensor. This increases sensitivity and allow to bring detector as close as possible to the testing area.
  • Radioactivity-time graph.
  • Display of total accumulated radiation dose.
  • Vibro alarm when radioactivity becomes over 32 mkRn/h.
  • One button control.

Open sensor is placed
at the forefront of the dosimeter:


On/off/control of dosimeter is by a single button at the right side.

The main things on the display:
Radiation numbers.
Total accumulated radiation dose numbers.
Radioactivity-time Graph.
Battery indicator.

In addition, the display shows:
Battery voltage.
Dynamic icon, showing that the dosimeter is working in the sound mode and makes beep with each registered particle (in opposite to the silent mode with strikethrough loudspeaker icon) .
Vibro alarm icon. Dosimeter makes short vibro alarm with each registered particle if the radiation is over 32 mkRn/h.
Lamp icon, indicating that the display backlight permanently on (in opposite to the general mode when it turns off after 5 seconds).
Symbol of radioactivity icon. It blinks with each registered radioactive particle.

The schematic picture of mode changes while pressing the button is at the front panel. For details, see the description of work.

The battery compartment is at the back side.

Technical parameters:

The radiation numbers in this description are given in mkRh/h. To re-calculate it in mkSv/h please divide the numbers by about 100.
  • The main sensor in Dosimeter is Si-29BG (beta- gamma-ionization counter). It's working range is 3.6-144,000 mkRh/h.

  • The dosimeter can display dose from 0 to 99,999 mkRn/h. Numbers lower 3.6 mkRh/h are considered as a little reliable.

  • The dimension of radioactivity at the display may be in Roentgens per hour or in Microsieverts per hour - configure, as you prefer.

  • The dosimeter detects gamma and hard beta radiation.

  • The time before the first numbers at the display after Dosimeter is ON and further working circle is from 8 to 1 seconds depending on the level of radioactivity. The higher the radioactivity, the faster the working circle is.

  • Graph-histogram shows last 111 measurements in pseudo-logarifmic scale from 3 to 3000 mkRn/h.

    Graph scale consist of 3 linear intervals:
    under 30 mkRn/h,
    from 30 to 300 mkRn/h &
    from 300 to 3000 mkRn/h
    For example: half of 30-300 interval is about 150 mkRn/h.

    Total duration of Graph-histogram is about 15 minutes at radioactivity under 20 mkRn/h. At the higher radioactivity Graph becomes faster for better detail. When radioactivity level is at any time higher than 150 mkRn/h - total duration of Graph is 1.8 minutes. Graph-histogram remains in the memory after switching off by button. But Graph-histogram may be lost if the power is lost (f.e. if take out the battery while working). Graph-histogram may be cleared by long holding the button while switching on.

  • You can use both non-rechargeable or rechargeable batteries 2 pcs size . Power circute works even at a very low battery - 0.6 Volts each. So Dosimeter will works even with one good AA cell and short-circuited second.
    You can control battery condition by voltage or battery indicator at the display.
    Current consumption at normal radiation, without display backlight and without vibro alarm is about 4 mA. This means about 1 month of continues working with fresh batteries.
    Current consumption rises with higher radiation, when display backlight is on, with sound and vibro alarm and when the batteries are low.

  • Dosimeter dimensions: 9265x29 mm.
    Weight with batteries - 155 grammes.


Description of work:

General features:

To turn on the dosimiter - press the button.
To turn off the dosimiter - press the button for 1 second.

To turn on backlight of the display - press the button. Backlight will be out after 5 seconds.

To turn on backlight of the display permanently - press the button twice. To turn off the permanent backlight - press the button.

To change operation mode - press the button quickly 3 and more times. Operation mode will change with each click in a circle:
with sound -> without sound -> with vibro alarm ...

Swith-on features:

Dosimetr turns on in sound mode on default. This means that it makes beep with each registered particles.

To turn on Dosimeter in silent mode - press the button for 1 second until the strikethrough loudspeaker icon appeares.

If press the button longer - at least 2 seconds - dosimeter starts in vibro mode.

If press the button longer - at least 3 secons - the dimension of the dose starts change from mkRh/h to mkSv/h there and back. Release the button with required dimension and it will be selected.

If press the button more longer - after 4th changing of dimention - Graph-gistogram will be cleared and Numbers of total accumulated radiation dose will be set to 0.

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